The Bamboo School is a network of free schools committed to 
giving voice to the voiceless.


My name is Pablo, and I founded the Bamboo School in August of 2014 with the mission of providing a free, world-class, holistic education to the world's most impoverished and disenfranchised.  We empower children and communities by providing free instruction in music and the arts and providing free instruction in English to create economic opportunity.

Our schools are rooted in a radical reimagining of what education can be and should mean.  We envision a world where Bill Gates' children receive the same quality of education as a girl learning in hiding in Sudan, a one world schoolhouse where Salman Khan's vision of truly equal opportunity is met with Sugata Mitra's belief in the innate genius of children.  In pursuit of freedom from oppression as Paolo Friere dreamed, of the nobility of the human spirit as John Dewey saw it, of the wholeness of being as Rousseau painted, the vision for these schools extend beyond that which conventional classrooms could ever hope.

In short, I want to give young children the education that I wish I had growing up - an education which empowers rather than diminishing by mold-injection teaching, an education that stewards and nurtures the inborn love of learning and the natural artist we are all born with.

This school has been years in the making, and it is now becoming a reality with a force that stuns all of us on the team and the community which has risen up around it.  After a month in the trenches, we have grown from my first school - amidst a scrapyard in Quang Binh (the poorest province in Vietnam) teaching the children in the street - to a second and soon a third site spanning two UNESCO World Heritage sites and a third the cartographic span of Vietnam.  By year's end we plan to have five schools in operation, and by year five we are aiming for one hundred.

I am fully confident in our ability to do this, and for good reasons - subscribe to our mailing list and read the blog to join us on this ride.  The momentum builds every day, and every day I am coming to realise that this has long ceased to be about me - that this is a movement, a rising tide.

As the school, as anything is, this website is a work in progress. Come back and see how far we've come.


One hundred percent of all donations go towards instruments and books for our children. Administrative, travel, legal, and other overhead costs are all funded by investments by our founding directors.

Due to the disparity of Vietnamese currency's purchasing power against the dollar, every $10 donated gets the equivalent of $60 of impact right off the bat, which is then further multiplied by our strong and growing network of local partnerships.