Our core innovation is in the business and educational model.

We are aiming for - and achieving - a 10x greater impact per dollar than anyone else in the game.

This is the 10X principle, made famous by Google.  Doing things 10% better is a waste of time - especially in the field of education, which is still inanely based on a Prussian model invented and largely unchanged since the early Industrial Revolution.  That's just silly.

The business model was developed with the skills I gained working in Boston's fast-paced, high-tech startup sector, where I worked in the even crazier biotech sector).  I chatted with CEOs my age of multimillion-dollar companies, sought counsel with brilliant visionaries, shook hands with billionaires and Nobel Prizewinners.

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

It's time for something better.

Our children receive a world-class education, at no cost to them, on their terms.

Information was, for most of human history, an exclusive property.  For all the millions of years of our evolution, learning was passed down to those who had the privilege of being in direct physical contact with the learned.  A few thousand years ago books were invented, expensive and rare, available only available to few.  Even today in the United States, education is exclusionary, haunted by the still-living spectres of systemic discrimination.

But information is no longer exclusionary.  We have reached an age in human history where a child anywhere in the world can have access to the same cutting-edge research as a wizened professor in Cambridge on PNaS and PLoS, where a farmer's son in Indonesia can take guitar lessons from Slash and a factory worker's daughter can learn from the same lessons that Bill Gates' children use.

Our team is remarkable, and growing still.  Every single person involved in this project is a star at what they do, and excellence is taken as granted.  The cause - of justice - is too important to be left to mediocre minds.  If you believe this is you, click on "Contact" and tell us how you will change the world.